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About Our Founder

"I have overcome the oppressed version of the gospel of Christ. I am grateful to know the victorious version of the truth. Jesus came so that we can all have an abundant life!

      -Alicea Joy Davis, CEO and Executive Director

Mrs. Davis has a heart to see more unity in our families, communities and churches. Inspired by her personal journey of overcoming childhood trauma, mental torment and racial hatred, Davis had a vision to expand her inner healing mission beyond her creative projects as an inspirational spoken word poet and artist.


She saw a need to also provide practical next steps to help her audiences work towards the personal growth that she encourages during her performances, so she founded Friends of Reconciliation, Inc., with a vision to help America achieve racial reconciliation IN OUR LIFETIME, through personal growth in Jesus Christ!

Davis sees a connection in our society's need for personal healing and racial healing. She believes that when we experience God heal the deepest wounds in our souls, it will increase our faith in others and inspire hope in receiving healing as a nation.

She is an expert in the topic of racial healing and reconciliation. She is the author of "From Hatred to Healing: Eight Racial Reconciliation Poems” and "The Sky Is Not The Limit: A Book of Empowering Poetry."


Davis has nearly a decade of entrepreneurial experience. She is the owner of Esteem Builders Productions, Inc., an entertainment company, established in 2010, that specializes in providing spoken word poetry performances. Her company has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Davis has 13 years of experience as a spoken word poet and she is currently featured on PeopleMaven’s List of Fantastic Public Speakers.

She has been named 1 of 9 women making Black History. Her vision has been named 1 of 4 remarkable Black Entrepreneurs Journeys.

Visit to learn more about her work.

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Change the narrative, change the nation!


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