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Help Us Spread Unity!

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Show the World What YOU Stand FOR!

Wear our t-shirt!!! Spread the mission!

We are on a mission to help America
reach racial reconciliation in our lifetime
through personal growth
in Jesus Christ!

Personal healing fuels social healing!

We have a goal to perpetually provide weekly
Innerwork ShopsTM, to aid others in social skills training and personal growth ALL YEAR ROUND, YEAR AFTER YEAR!

For those who are in need of inner healing from various traumas, we have a vision to help provide Christian therapy or psychotherapy appointments.

Your support will help us to meet some of the deepest and highest needs in the precious people we are 
called and committed to serving!

Your prayers and support can help
change the trajectory of a person's life!

Invite others to sign the Unity Declaration!

Thank you for your support!

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