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As our world gets through this great storm

of uncertainty, we pray that the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your heart and minds through Christ Jesus; as the Apostle Paul faithfully stated in Philippians 4:7.

Hear words of hope from  F.O.R., Inc and our valued partners

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"This is NOT our new normal; this crisis is a moment in history, that is bringing us closer to God, our neighbors, and even to ourselves."

- Alicea Joy Davis,

founder of

Friends of Reconciliation, Inc.


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Love God through it all.


Love others.

and love yourself.

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Corona Covid-19 Work from Home Tips Inst
Corona Covid-19 Work from Home Tips Inst
Corona Covid-19 Work from Home Tips Inst
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Hear a special

prayer of comfort

for the medical staff

on the front lines of the

Corona Crisis.

Prayer by Ben Davis

 President of F.O.R., Inc.

In times of calamity or peace, we rest in God's love and trustworthiness. 

We highly recommend these resources for you and your family!

 Auburn Hills Christian Center

A church service of healing and hope

Encouragement For Grades 6-12

 Kevin Gillogly, Youth Ministries Pastor

Hope For College Students

Luke Bonzelaar, Young Adults Pastor

Bible Fun for Kids 

Steve Gallegos,
Children Ministries Pastor
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Let us take this time to renew our hearts and minds.

Hear soul touching spoken words 

"Introduction to God"

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Ben and Alicea Davis,
President and Founder of F.O.R., Inc
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Share our hope in racial healing and reconciliation

Hear powerful voices of hope!