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"...if we are comforted, it is for your comfort, which produces in you patient endurance of the same sufferings we suffer. " -The Apostle Paul

-found in 2 Corinthians 1:6b

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Innerwork Shops


Our Innerwork Shops are in a safe and intimate space for you to work out your faith in unity and to invest in

your personal growth

with others who have the same desire. 

Due to national emergency we had to cancel our discussions.

Sign our waiting list to be notified when your session of choice is available.

Our in person workshops will take place in

Pontiac or Auburn Hills, MI.

Online sessions will follow.

Am I Judgemental? 

Learn how to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ without being controlling or condemning.


Unity and Family Intentionality 

Be inspired to raise your children to shine God's light through

the ministry of racial reconciliation.​

Courageous Conversation 

Learn (5) Steps to having a constructive conversation,

including courageous comebacks when you hear a racist comment.

How To Receive Redemption 

Learn how the "cancel culture" is cancelled through a new beginning in Christ.

What The Bible Really Says About Slavery

This workshop unravels misconceptions about 

God condoning the brutality of American slavery. 

Overcoming Fatherlessness

Be inspired to succeed in life in spite of having an absent father.​

We offer different sessions of this Innerwork Shop to help meet specific needs;

Please specify your desired session in the comments section.

Soothing Session: General audience

Shepard David session - for boys (ages 8-12)

Selected Shepard session - for male teens (ages 13-17)

King David session - for adult men (ages 18 and up)

Orphan Esther session - for girls (ages 8-12)

Chosen Esther session - for female teens (ages 13-17)

Queen Ester session - for women (ages 18 and up)

Please specify your session in the comments section.

All weekday sessions will start at 7pm and last 1-2 hours depending upon

questions and conversations.

Seating is very limited. We purposely will have (10-20) slots available for each session to ensure a safe and intimate environment for personal growth. Our workshops are free. There is a suggested $20 donation for those who desire to give, which can also be given on the day of the discussion. We will perpetually offer our workshops throughout the year.

You may visit this page again to sign the waiting list

for additional Innerwork Shop.


Please specify in the comment section if you desire the online session.

Thank you for your support.

Innerwork Shop Waiting List