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Unity and Family Intentionality - Be inspired to raise your children to shine God's light through the ministry of racial reconciliation. 

Am I Judgemental? - Learn how to spread the gospel without being controlling or condemning.

Courageous Conversation - Learn (5) Steps to having a constructive conversation, including courageous comebacks to a racist comment.

Redemption From Sins - How the "cancel culture" is cancelled through Christ.

All sessions start at 7pm and last 1-2 hours depending on questions and conversations.

Seating is very limited. We purposely have (20) slots available for each session to ensure a safe and intimate environment for personal growth. Our workshops are free. There is a suggested $20 donation for those who desire to give, which can be given on the day of the class. The deadline to register is 10 AM on the day of each workshop. 

Due to the Corona Crisis, we are postponing our workshop series. Meeting dates will based on

local ordinances.


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2 Corinthians 5:18

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