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Let me introduce you to my trustworthy friends of reconciliation, my valued Board of Directors. We all stand for unity. 


These champions for racial reconciliation has caused me to see that a circle is a single line whose ends are connected by the hand of God.


We are all connected by the determination to shine God's light and our desire for all to live an abundant life of love through Jesus Christ.


Though their professional experience is impressive, they were all chosen because of their remarkable character, accountabilty and integrity. 

                                                                           -Alicea Joy Davis, Founder and CEO of FOR

Board of Directors 

good character strength | integrity 

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Benjamin Davis, President


I will introduce my husband in a different voice because his life is in alignment with our mission, and has been before our covenant of marriage:


He is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and an honorable veteran of the United States Marine Corp.


He is a graduate from the Evangelical Training Association and a discipler of growing Christians. He has a strong and compassionate heart to help unify America.


Davis brings his diligent leadership experience in Executive Church Administration, FOR is grateful to have his wisdom on board.

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Camiah Tutstone, Secretary


Camiah is passionate about positive social change. She has a beautiful singing voice but she is more dedicated to using her faith and life to serve her community. She is currently a college student majoring in Nonprofit Public Relations.


She joined my racial healing mission before FOR was launched and established.  Her goal is to see every human being released from the bondage of racial division. She  strives to cultivate a lifestyle of healing and peace.

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Pastor Cal Garcia,

Governing Board Member


Pastor Cal brings a great spiritual force to our mission. He has been in pastoral ministry for over 40 years.  His faith in racial reconciliation is strong. He has supported my mission before FOR was established and has mentored me as a Christian leader.


He challenges his members at Auburn Hills Christian Center to use their gifts and skills in the marketplace beyond the four walls of the church.


I knew that Pastor Cal had a heart for the ministry of reconciliation, when I learned that he lovingly ushered his mostly absent father into the Christian family, on his death bed, just weeks before his father left this earth.

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John Holland,

Governing Board Member


Mr. Holland is a faithful agent of change whose legacy of results spans throughout generations.


He is a living civil rights leader, and Freedom Rider. He was a part of the organized leadership team that mapped out the routes for the civil rights marches from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.


He suffered great abuse as a nonviolent sit in counter  protester.  His unwavering sacrifice contributed to bringing down the walls of segregation in the south with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 


He is mentoring me on the lessons that he learned during the civil rights movement to help make the March Forth Movement more effective and stronger.

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Julia Imbrunone,

Advisory Board Member 


Julia is a powerful light. She reminds me of myself in my 2nd decade. She is 13 years old and ahead of her time. She is persistently determined to make a difference on our team.


She takes initiative in the planning of our upcoming events. She sends me many emails of her ideas that will help to reach her generation.


She is an aspiring writer and artist with a heart to share the love of God around the world. She says, "I joined FOR because it's all about overcoming your past in order to unite with others."

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